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Both depots have substantial amounts of storage, offering indoor containers, and outdoor shipping containers, with an overall capacity of the volume of more than 100 removal trucks!

For most house moves, or for fewer items, our individual storage containers are a terrific way of keeping costs down, and they hold a lot more than you might think. Fill them with as much as you need to, and then feel safe in the knowledge that your furniture is secure, under lock and key, alarmed, and with 24-hour CCTV monitoring both inside the warehouse, and covering the whole outside yard area.

Free access to your stored items as often as you like while they are with us.


The containerised system means you only pay for what you need. Pay by direct debit, no bills to worry about. When you leave storage your payment is adjusted to the nearest week.

There is a one month minimum for storage, and we offer a full quote in advance. With over 20 years storage experience, we do everything possible to ensure your stay with us is easy and simple.

Our shipping container storage is perfect for business use with 24-hour access, CCTV monitoring and great access for work vans. We can even take regular deliveries in for you, so you can go about your workday uninterrupted, and collect your delivery from our secure warehouse later.

Confidential Document Storage

We also offer secure, confidential and controlled document storage, with retrieval services to suit the demands of your business. We can store from a few boxes to several hundred, which allows you to free up precious office space, and by using our Same Day request for file delivery, you have a great offsite partner working with you.

A single phone call will arrange for the delivery of the File you want, often within hours, no searching through boxes of documents. You can order a single file or a full box of files as you need.

There’s no need to rent office space or invest in cabinets to store documents. And, what’s more, you only pay for the files you store, so no need to worry about having enough space.

Consider the security – hopefully, it will never happen, but what if a break-in, fire, burst pipe damages valuable files? Our secure purpose designed store gives you peace of mind.

You’ll save energy, as there’ll be no need to heat or light a room only for storing documents.

Productivity would be improved by having a clearer work-space; no more boxes of files to manoeuvre around. Your team will no longer need to handle heavy boxes of documents making for a safer and
happier work environment.


Our facility is secure and not open to anyone outside the company.

In addition to standard document storage then there are a number of additional options available to you.
Inventory – Your document inventory can be catalogued and managed for you, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Retrieval – When you need a document then one simple phone call will ensure that the document is speedily delivered to your office, often within hours.

Our vehicles are fully tracked, so we know where they are at all times, and our Inverness depot is under 24-hour CCTV monitoring.

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